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Remembering the Others in the Family

Normally I don’t repost other people’s blogs here, but this is a very cool blog from a sister of a special needs child – it’s written by Elaine Marchenko the 15 year old daughter of Gillian Marchenko author of “Sun … Continue reading

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The Power of Reflowering Blooms

    “Look, I just have to show you this,” my mom said, as she came through the bedroom door at 11:30 pm – yes I said pm – the other night. Actually, saying she came through the door is … Continue reading

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The Ins & Outs of Texting

My relationship with technology has been one of a string of firsts. I first hooked up to the internet via daisy chaining a modem from my old Mac to the phone jack, proceeding to delight in the weird sounds the … Continue reading

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