How Do You See God?

Do you use all your senses to experience the LORD?


It’s that time of year, the time when summer fruits and vegetables really start to make their appearance, tasting for all the world like the sun.

It’s a funny thing to think that we are so sight orientated, and that those of us who can rely on that sense often do to the exclusion of all others. I was reminded of this when I walked into a shop near where I live that only sells fresh local produce.

I had heard about the shop and how wonderful the fruits and veggies were, so I decided to give it a try. When I walked through the doors it wasn’t the sight of perfect fruits and vegetables that hit me (those only come in grocery stores where size, shape and color are regulated by the government to level the selling playing field), it was the smell of the place.

The sweet smell of tomatoes, the tangy smell of lettuce and cilantro along with onions and spring garlic blended together in such a delicious way, it made my mouth water.

When I started to actually look at the super fresh produce, the sight of them made me smile. No, they weren’t perfect, not like we’re all used to anyway. But, those little unregulated fruits and veggies had character. The lemons were a little knobby and a shade of lighter yellow than we usually see. The oranges were small orbs of color landing somewhere between orange and yellow, and although they weren’t the orange color I’m used to seeing, when I got them home they were delicious. The tomatoes were smaller too, but a beautiful, rich red with the scent to match. The only truly perfect looking vegetable in the shop was the spring garlic.

I just spent a little while going through the bins, picking and choosing what I was going to take home, but the experience was a full one including all the senses.

As I left the shop with my little bundle of freshness, I got to thinking how many times we just experience the LORD in one way. We do this in much the same way that most of us experience the world through sight, to the neglect of all our other senses, even our spiritual ones. Yet, it’s only when you get a whole experience with Him, like I did in the shop using all my senses, that you realize how beautiful and rich He really is.

“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God!”

Romans 11:33a

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