The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich


How to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

How to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.


Yesterday I spent 8-hours with my mom in the ER where she narrowly missed being admitted to the hospital for her now annual visit. – Yes, instead of going on vacation and visiting exotic destinations like Bora Bora and Hawaii, in the last couple of years she’s ended up in her very own room at our nearby hospital. – There’s just something about the ER that sounds like being in an airplane. A background hum that seems to come from everywhere and nowhere at once, somehow making you more exhausted just by sitting there than you ever thought possible.

Thinking about it has the same mind numbing effect of actually sitting there, so instead of bragging about how awesome our ER is in our little corner of the world – a big shout out to the doctors, nurses and staff at Sonora Regional Medical Center – I’ve decided to talk to you about something a whole lot more exciting, making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. You know the one, it oozes molten orangey, cheesy goodness with every bite leaving a trail of butter on your fingers that if you weren’t so civilized you’d lick off.

I figured out how to make the perfect grilled cheese because it’s my son’s favorite sandwich of all time. It only took me a few years of trying to get it right to actually get it right. I made every mistake you could make in my quest, including grilling the bread to a toasty goldeness only to find the cheese wasn’t melty, or grilling the bread so much that the hapless recipient of the sandwich inadvertently got their daily allowance of charcoal but did end up with melted cheese in the process – no wonder my son is a picky eater.

After all these mishaps I finally found the answer to making the gooey sandwich perfect. Patience. As in you have to babysit it, cook it on a low temp. – around medium – and not get frustrated when it takes way longer than you think it should.

Okay, they are other necessary ingredients too. Use a non-stick pan – generally I really dislike these, but they’re necessary for grilled cheese – and only put butter on the bread, not the pan. The actual food ingredients are important too, I only use sourdough or English muffin bread, and of course, the best cheese to use is Kraft American Cheese. If you choose to use any other cheese besides some configuration of American – as in other than Kraft -, make sure you know how quickly or slowly it melts and adjust your temperature down and your cooking time up accordingly.

Just make sure you remember the patience thing, because if not, you’ll end up with not so attractive versions of this tasty treat, which comes to think of it can apply to a whole lot more than grilled cheese.


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6 Responses to The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. Sam Cook says:

    Gee…. Can I use Tillamook Medium Cheddar on Boudin Sourdough, (the restaurant loaf – flat loaf)?
    Sounds great with Chemo treatment. I really hope your Mother is doing OK and you are more than OK

    • sarah says:

      Make sure you put it on a lower heat because Cheddar is a hard cheese & you don’t want to burn the Boudin Sam! :)
      Sounds Delicious! It sounds like you’re doing well with the Chemo – a little Lark told me. Praying for you everyday my friend!
      By the by, we’re just fine.

      Love ya Sarah

  2. Craig says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother. My sister Karen and I went through the same thing with our mother on occasions in her later years so I sympathize with what you’re going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother.

    • sarah says:

      Thank you Craig.

      This caregiving seems to be both a personal and progressively universal experience. It’s always comforting to know that others have both gone through it, and are going through it. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


  3. Lori says:

    I’m a cheddar girl being from Wisconsin :-) but the other thing I read recently and tried was using mayo instead of butter. I was quite surprised it worked. In Wisconsin, you also need to eat tomato soup with “toasted cheese” sandwiches.

    • sarah says:

      Hi Lori,

      Funny I was thinking about the tomato soup grilled cheese connection when I was writing this! I guess it’s pretty universal! :) But, I’ve never heard of using mayo. I’ve got to try that. Thanks for stopping by.


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