True Colors

Fall colors on the Stanislaus River. (photo by Jerry Snyder)

Fall colors on the Stanislaus River. (photo by Jerry Snyder)

#fallcolors #truecolors So, I know it’s almost December, but the fall colors are finally coming out in my neck of the woods. Just in time for winter!!! ;)

As I drove around it reminded me of a blog I wrote quite awhile ago. So, I’m reposting because its reflection is just the same today as it was then, even if it’s November instead of October! :)


October has almost ended, and with it the arrival of fall in all its vibrant beauty. The yellow, red, amber and orange that adorn the leaves in my little corner of the world have been spectacular. This year, they are particularly vibrant hanging from grape vines, oak trees and aspens.

As I drive around looking at the red reds and golden yellows, I’m reminded that they get that way not because of over abundance, but because they’re shutting down.  During the summer, they’re working hard using chlorophyll to change sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into food during the process of photosynthesis. As the march toward winter and its lack of sunlight approaches, they shut down their food factories, so to speak, and prepare to live off what they’ll built up over the summer.

As most of us will remember from our school days, chlorophyll is the chemical that gives leaves their green color. When the food factories shut down, the chlorophyll begins to strip away and what was underneath all the time is revealed, the jewel like colors that are so beautiful in the fall.

The thing that always strikes me though, is that the colors are there all the time even in the summer. They are just covered up by green when the plant is in active mode. Every once in awhile during that green spring and summer phase, you can get a glimpse of the color underneath, but the real shining radiance is when the processes begin to slow down and the plants and trees live on what’s been stored up, trusting that they will survive.

This is kind of like us as believers when you think about it. We’re very green in the LORD for a very long time. And, it’s only when we’ve been with Him long enough to shut down our own food factories and trust Him to maintain us, that we really start to show our truly jewel like colors that have been there all along.

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