True Confessions

Okay, so today is true confessions day. I’m not sure why, it may have something to do with the fact that I’ve just washed my hair and somehow it smells like peppermint. The kicker is I didn’t put anything on it that should make it smell like peppermint. I’m purposefully refusing to look at the bottles of hair products I used just to make sure I didn’t put something weird on my marginal hair. Something like say, mouth wash or something else.

Whatever the reason for true confessions, I must confess that in the last three years we have truly become a household of reality TV watchers. Yes, I said it, and it makes me feel better to just get it out there. We are bipolar in our TV habits watching PBS one minute, then the Kardashian, the Bachelor Nation and the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills the next. To be fair, we don’t always watch those type of reality shows, we watch plenty of Shark Tank, Love It or List It and House Hunters too. But, besides PBS, reality TV is king in our household, something I don’t really like to admit, not even to the Lord, but there you go, you both know now (well, I’m guessing He already knew, but there you go….).

Whenever things are lagging, or dragging or just not so good, all I have to say is “Mom, you want to watch ______.” You fill in the blank of the above shows, and it immediately perks everything right up. Even more shallow of us is the fact that we don’t bother with those reality shows that don’t show us the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. No, why in the world would we want to watch anything that didn’t show us nice cars, nice houses and enough Berkins to sink a ship? (Aren’t they supposed to be super rare and hard to get a hold of? When I think rare and hard to get a hold of I think of the Aston Martin One-77 or something of its ilk. So I can’t quite figure out if Berkins are so difficult to get, why so many of the rich and famous can actually get them, but then again, I’m not a math person).

Funny thing is, I’ve noticed watching these shows does something a little more than just numbing our minds, something that’s completely unexpected from such guilty pleasure TV. It gives us something to not only just sit and watch, it gives us something to share and talk about. Yes, I know this sounds pathetic, but it’s true. Sometimes the most banal things provide the best way to connect (& yes, that was my 25-cent word for the day, banal – gotta love it). Believe it or not, watching this stuff together has helped us build bridges with one another, bridges that until you’re in the situation you don’t even realize need building.

Not matter who we are, we have a red wagon full of stuff that we drag around behind us from our growing up years. Some of that stuff comes from the families we were raised in, while some of it’s just from growing up on planet earth with all the other humans running around getting into our Kool-Aid.

That being said, a lot of that stuff happily rides around behind us through the years when we seem all too busy living our lives to actually go through it. The catch is that when you end up taking care of your mom, dad or some else you love, some of that red wagon stuff can rear up its ugly head and bite you in the keister, leaving you at a distinct disadvantage as far as reaching out to the person you love.

You find yourself building new bridges to reach one another, because the old ones don’t actually work so well anymore, and sometimes those new bridges are built using the most unlikely things.


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