It’s All About Us, Isn’t It?

The other day a friend of mine and I were talking, and she was telling me about something that had happened to her when all of a sudden she stopped and said, “You know I just realized recently how self-absorbed I am.” It was such an unexpected comment that I started to laugh. She joined in and we both laughed for a bit letting her comment sink in, before I asked her what she meant by that.

She said that no matter who she talks to, or where she is, that her conversation always ends up going back to herself. She ended her explanation by saying, ‘I guess it’s just that I’ve had such an interesting life.’

The funny thing is, compared to most people, she has had a really interesting life. So whatever she talks about, even if it does directly relate to her, is interesting to listen to. But, her comment got me thinking about myself and how I do the same thing. I also started paying attention to other people’s conversations with this self-absorption in mind and found that other people do it too. No matter where the conversation starts, we all try to make it about us.

We all do this, whether we’ve had objectively interesting lives or not, we always seem to bring everything back to ourselves. We are all self-absorbed to one degree or another, which is a more than a little disturbing when you consider that if you are a follower of Christ you must come to grips with the fact that it’s all about God and not you.

And it’s not all about God because He’s some egomaniac of a god who needs all the attention and worship, it’s all about God because it just is. He’s the One who gives us our air to breath. He’s the One who has provided a way for us to have a relationship with Him through faith. He’s the One who gives us that faith. He’s the one who provides for our needs, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I could go on and on.

The basic reality is that it is all about Him.

“For in Him we live, and move and exist,”

Acts 17:28a


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One Response to It’s All About Us, Isn’t It?

  1. Betty says:

    Thanks, Sarah for the reminder….so very true, yet so hard to change. It is all about Him and not about me…. Pray for all of us to remember what is truely of value, what is really important.

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