Live In Today

Every once in a while I get the urge to go through photographs. Usually it’s when I’m clearing something out, and find a pile of pictures that haven’t been put into a photo album yet.

There’s something about them that just draws you to look at them, enjoy them and remember when you took them. They are literally a moment frozen in time.

Even though my son is rapidly approaching the teenage years, he still likes to look at photo’s I took of him when he was small, preferably with me sitting next to him, running commentary and telling him stories of how he did this, or that. The pictures bring back a flood of memories that are nice to visit, but, I wouldn’t want to live there.

There are people who do want to live there though, locked in the past, reliving past events as if those times were the pinnacle of their lives. How many times do we run into people like this? They talk about their childhood, their college years or their first starting out years, which were 20, 30 sometimes 40 years or more ago, as if those days were yesterday.

Yet, when you ask them about more recent happenings in their lives, they somehow have amnesia about what took place in those in between years from then to now. As if those early years were more vivid, more important to them, than where they are now and how they got here, and more importantly where they are going.

It’s as if they have a photograph of that time fixed in their minds, and that picture is somehow more real than the reality they live in now. And, it seems age has nothing to do with this phenomena, I’ve encountered it among 30-something’s as well as 90-something’s.

One of the greatest¬† tragedies with this mentality, that the best is past, is not only the despair that must set in over time, but also the fact that those who live in the past don’t really have the presence of mind to live in the day that God has given them now. If you’re fixated on the great past, then you really don’t have the eyes to see the amazing day that God has given you today.

And, isn’t that what Jesus Himself said in Matthew 6 not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own. This idea can just as easily be applied to an attitude that this is the day you have been given, yesterday cannot be relived or lived in and we don’t have tomorrow yet, so just exist in what God has for you today.

See the blessing¬† – even in the pain if that’s where you are – see God’s hand in your life and live in it.

“This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

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2 Responses to Live In Today

  1. Alicia says:

    Your post was so timely for me..I can hardly believe it. I am dealing with someone in my family who is doing exactly what you descrbe and it so incredibly sad. People can get stuck and refuse to move past those things that happened to them..they miss all the present opportunities that God is giving them.. What a waste!

    Thanks for the post came at just the perfect moment for me.


    • Thank you for your comments Alicia. It’s hard to see someone we care about choose to live in the past because there is so much that God has for all of us in the present and the future.

      I’m so pleased that God used this post to speak to you. It’s nice to know that in a small way He’s using some of what I write to give back to you when you’ve given so much encouragement to me through your writing.

      Blessings, Sarah

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